Oct 2014 22

2 Corinthians 5:7, “For we walk by faith, not by sight”. We need to get acquainted with the Lord Jesus Christ through the Word. Too many people try to get acquainted with God through feelings. When they feel good, they think God has heard them. But if they don’t feel good, they think He is not hearing them. Their faith is based on their feelings, instead of upon God’s Word. If God’s Word says He hears me, then I know He hears me because He said so, and His Word cannot lie. In other words, if my faith is based upon my feelings, then I am just using a natural human faith. It means I am trying to get spiritual results with natural human faith, and I cannot do that.

I have to use scriptural faith, Bible faith, and believe God’s Word. And if my faith is based upon the Word of God, then I believe the Word regardless of evidences which would satisfy my physical senses.

God’s Word comes first. Faith in God’s Word comes second. And feelings come last. Too many people turn it around and put feelings first, faith in their feelings second, and the Word of God last. But these kind of people will never get results. You will always get results if you operate in the right order.



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